Video Skin Beautification

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Video Skin Beautification

So-called ‘perfect selfies’ are now accessible to everyone with a smartphone, either in selfie apps, or enhancement filters like in Snapchat. But for professional 4K film or video, you still need a visual effects artist to achieve high-quality, natural-looking skin smoothing on skin. Our service is not limited to faces only, we can also do skin smoothing on other parts of your body if needed. We have worked with artists and actors, with focus on film and music videos.

Skin smoothing service – Naturally enhancing skin smoothing any wrinkles, pimples or scarring in the face, while not smoothing other areas.

Video Beauty Editing Examples

Quality beauty editing on official music video.

Artist Testimonial – Janine The Machine

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Anders. We reached out to Anders to do some beauty editing on a music video and the quality of his work exceeded our expectations. He was very friendly and professional, provided a fair quote, met all deadlines and made rounds of edits to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. We could not be happier with the outcome and will definitely be working with Anders on future projects. Highly recommended!”
Janine The Machine
Recording Artist, Owner Janthem LLC
July 4th, 2019

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