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Sketch My Picture

Hi there! Sketch My Picture is an animation and illustration business and this is our website. We specialise in making premium quality animated whiteboard video, VideoScribe video and explainer video for your company. We are also one of the finest animated music video studios in the UK.

Other services we provide include the creation of animated video from photographs using 2.5D parallax effect and we can also take your high-resolution photograph and turn it into a beautiful, custom made sketch picture. We live in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Sketch My Picture


What we do

Our capabilities include making animated video for business, to tell your stories in 2 minutes or less.

Capabilities – More than just making explainer videos.

We also have the capabilities help you explain your business with handcrafted animated whiteboard video and VideoScribe video to explain what you do in 1-2 minutes. We do educational video, explainer video, company stories, marketing video, advertising video, commercials and animated music video. It’s not just about having a video on your website. We work to provide the most bang for your buck, creating fresh, beautiful videos with only custom, handcrafted original media content with a difference.

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Video

Custom made hand-drawing style animation, premium quality animated whiteboard videos, no stock or templates.

VideoScribe Video

VideoScribe Video

Animated VideoScribe videos made to order, 100 % custom made videoscriber.

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

A 60 second animated explainer video can be used on company pages
health videos, homepage video, landing pages, newsletters, product pages, service pages, trade shows, and so much more. Our custom made cartoon animated explainer videos are of superb quality and detail, because they are always made from scratch.

Animated Music Video

Animated Music Video

We we can help your song stand out by a custom made, unique animated music video. We are unique in animated music video production because our goal is not to finish a project and move on, it’s to make something we enjoy to make and where the final product shows our love of animation.

About us

who we are

Who we are

We are a small creative animated video production studio. We tell stories through animation & whiteboard videos. We work with local and international clients, all in-house from Glasgow, Scotland. What we do at Sketch My Picture is make handcrafted animated video for business.

What makes us special is that we create all our whiteboard videos, animated explainer videos, marketing videos and educational videos from the ground up. We do all of our design, direction, illustration, animation and everything else in-house, we do not outsource.

We can help explain your business, product or service in 60 seconds. We don’t limit ourselves to a particular style. What ever animated video you need next, we can help.

We started off with explainer videos, then we expanded to also doing whiteboard videos, marketing videos and music videos. Lately we have done more projects with adverts, awareness and non-profit.

Whiteboard Video & VideoScribe Video

Whiteboard Video Example Image
We make premium animated whiteboard video and VideoScribe video for business. We’ve spent eight years doing whiteboard videos, animated marketing videos, explainer videos, educational videos and commercials for small and large companies, both local and worldwide.

Sketchy pictures from images & photographs

We also specialize in turning your photo into a premium quality sketch style image. Fun fact: That is where the name Sketch My Picture comes from!




“Anders was the perfect partner for our explainer video: he made the development process very easy and was able to translate our basic concepts into animation. It's clear that he has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the production process. Anders worked many extra hours to make last minute improvements; I really felt that he had a sense of ownership/pride in the project. Overall, fantastic experience!”

– Al Hawkins, Milo Biotechnology.

“Working with Anders is a pleasure. He is a great mix of creativity and practicality which can be rare. He is extremely thorough and customer focused and also had great ideas and animates beautifully. He developed an explainer video for our social treating app Givvit and it is perfect, exactly what we wanted.”

– Alex Kennedy, Founder of Givvitapp.

“We commissioned Anders Sundstedt to produce an After Effects video to explain the advantages of one of our products. The product and application are quite complex. However, Anders Sundstedt picked up the concept well and rendered it just the way we would have wanted. He produced the video quickly after the storyboard was agreed.
We were delighted with the result. I would both recommend Anders Sundstedt and use him again if possible.”

– David Armstrong, Marketing Director at M Squared Lasers.

“Anders was a pleasure to work with. From the outset, we agreed a budget, timeframe and detailed storyboard for the project. All was documented as a matter of record for both sides. Anders gave regular updates throughout the creative phase and called out where possible any limitations and a proposed remedy for same. He completed the project on time and within budget and has been supportive in any follow-up and change requests. Anders is a total professional and a talented creative that I would be happy to work with again.”

– Bryan, Chillout Records.Com

“The video is simply outstanding. We’ve been receiving nothing but positive feedback. You absolutely nailed it.”

– Doug Fedewa, Co-founder, COO at Dibbee LLC.

These guys love working with Anders Sundstedt!


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