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Whiteboard Video

A whiteboard video is for explaining your company, service, product or idea in an easy to understand the way in one to two minutes. From the start, we seek ideas that are born out of your script and company goals and are targeted to produce results in an original whiteboard video animation. Our premium whiteboard explainer animation services bring the story to life with pictures, diagrams, fun cartoon illustrations and handwriting animation. We provide excellent whiteboard animation quality.

Sketch My Picture - Whiteboard Animation Production

65% of people are visual learners and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Whiteboard Video Examples:

What is a whiteboard explainer video? This very short clip shows an example of how our whiteboard videos can look like. We are a professional whiteboard video maker based near Glasgow and every video is 100% custom made from scratch in-house in Scotland, including all design and illustrations. We never use stock artwork, libraries or templates.

Client: The International Diabetes Federation (IDF)

Supported By: Sanofi

The non-profit International Diabetes Federation (IDF) wanted an animated educational awareness whiteboard awareness video to be created for their new KiDS project (The Kids and Diabetes in School project).

Client: The Content Family

End Client: Microsoft Sweden

Animated VideoScribe Videos for Microsoft Windows 10. Here are five examples of a series of short whiteboard videos we made about Microsoft Windows 10 features:

Windows 10 protects against modern security threats (English Voice Over)

Kom igång med Windows 10 i molnet (Swedish Voice Over)

Windows As A Service (Swedish Voice Over)

Windows 10 Enterprise med Software Assurance (Swedish Voice Over)

Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Swedish Voice Over)

Like what you see?

We’re here to help. Do you have an audience that you need to engage? Or do you have a project that needs communicating? Our animated whiteboard videos allow for more creativity and are easier to update when you want to make future adjustments, compared to a fully 2D animated cartoon video or motion graphics video.

How can an animated video increase your online sales? Get in touch with us to discuss how an animated explainer video could help you! Get a free quote based on your whiteboard video requirements such as video length, timeframe, number of illustrations, complexity and visual style.

Premier Whiteboard Video (Pfizer)
Example frame from an animated whiteboard video for Pfizer.

99% will continue to use video in 2019, with 88% saying they’ll spend more than they did in previous years.

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