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who we are

Who we are

We are a small creative animated video production studio. We tell stories through animation & whiteboard videos. We work with local and international clients, all in-house from Glasgow, Scotland. What we do at Sketch My Picture is make handcrafted animated video for business.

What makes us special is that we create all our whiteboard videos, animated explainer videos, marketing videos, educational videos and music videos from the ground up. We do all of our design, direction, illustration, animation and everything else in-house, we do not outsource.

We can help explain your business, product or service in 60 seconds. We don’t limit ourselves to a particular style. Whatever animated video you need next, we can help.

We started off with explainer videos, then we expanded to also doing whiteboard videos, marketing videos and music videos. Lately we have done more projects with adverts, awareness and non-profit.

Whiteboard Video & VideoScribe Video

Whiteboard Video Example Image
We make premium animated whiteboard video and VideoScribe video for business. We’ve spent eight years doing whiteboard videos, animated marketing videos, explainer videos, educational videos and commercials for small and large companies and organisations, both local and worldwide.