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Our capabilities include the making of premium and engaging animated videos for business, to tell your stories in 2 minutes or less. We make all kinds of animated videos and whiteboard videos, for many kinds of projects and clients.

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There are many different types of animated video. Below is a brief overview of our most popular types of well-crafted animation services and other video services we’ve provided for real clients. We are experienced in designing, directing and animating videos in our own 100% custom styles. Each animation is designed from scratch based on your audience, brief and script. Every video project is different, but we have a step-by-step guide to help you understand how it usually works. Keep in mind that we are not limited to these types of animation. Just tell us some details about what you need and we’ll get back to you. We love a challenge!

6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television (Google).

Capabilities – More than just explainer videos.

We also have the capabilities to help you explain your business with handcrafted animated whiteboard video and VideoScribe video to explain what you do in 1-2 minutes. We do whiteboard animation services, educational video, explainer video, company stories, marketing video, advertising video, commercials and animated music video. It’s not just about having a video on your website. We work to provide the most bang for your buck, creating fresh, beautiful videos with only custom made, handcrafted original media content with a difference.

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard animation video makes the most complex of messages easy to understand. We are an award winning animation studio making custom made hand-drawing style whiteboard animation, custom whiteboard videos, premium quality animated whiteboard video production using no stock or templates. Custom art work, unique characters and HD Quality Video. Our whiteboard animations have been chosen by Microsoft, Pfizer and the International Diabetes Federation.

VideoScribe Video

VideoScribe Video

We are Video Scribe specialists working with some big names to create innovative whiteboard videos. Engage your audience with the best handcrafted VideoScribe videos made to order, Video Scribe professional services, 100% custom made animated videoscriber. We offer a full VideoScribe whiteboard animation service with a specialist animator and illustrator. We are UK based and we don’t oursource.

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

A 60 second animated explainer video can be used on company pages
health videos, homepage video, landing pages, newsletters, product pages, service pages, trade shows, and so much more. Our custom made cartoon animated explainer videos are of superb quality and detail, because our explainer & scribe videos are always made from scratch. Based In the UK, premium quality video full HD video as standard, 4K available (optional).

Animated Music Video

Animated Music Video

We we can help your song stand out by a custom made, unique animated music video. Our animated music videos have been selected by 83+ film festivals between 2017-2019 and received many judging nominations including winner, finalist & semi-finalist. We are unique in animated music video production because our goal is not to finish a project and move on, it’s to make something we enjoy to make and where the final product shows our love of animation, design and direction.

Animated Commercial Video Production

Animated Commercial Video

Is your product or service complicated and difficult to explain? If so, then think of how you could write a script that speaks to people who are unfamiliar with what you are selling. We then combine your completed script with a premium, unique and fun 2D animation to get your message across. Our animated 2D images are custom made, flat style, with simple or more complex characters and backgrounds depending on your requirements, which all visually portrays the narrator’s voiceover.

Animated Educational Video Production

Animated Educational Video

With years specialising in animated educational video production we have helped university departments, councils, schools, biotech and healthcare industry tell their stories. Our premium animated educational videos are very compelling, engaging and can be tailored to your target market. We offer a range of educational video production services, all in HD. We love partnering with talented people that are looking for educational videos not created using any templates or stock.

video skin beautification

4K Video Skin Beautification

Video Skin smoothing. Enhance skin and hide defects like scarring, rough skin or pimples. Digital face beautification for film & video. We work with actors, artists, agents and producers to make natural looking skin smoothing with focus on film & music video.

Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80% (Unbounce).